How to upload Artwork

Upload artwork on your illuspark account with these simple steps

1. Log into your illuspark account 

Login step 1

2. On your profile picture, click on your name to get to your dashboard

Click your name Step 2

3. Click "Add New"

Add New

4. Choose which type of work to add, for this case we'll do "Artwork"

Add a Work

5. Fill in the information 

Artwork info



Write a short description

Thumbnail (Size: 1:1 Ratio & min 512x512 px)

Upload your work

Select Genre

Mature Content?


6. Hit "Create Artwork"

Artwork Submit


Our support team is always available to help you out in case you need any assistance or have any questions, you can reach us through email at For the quickest response use the live chat on our website.