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What contents are allowed on the website?


Our website is a large platform for many creators from all across different parts of the world with different backgrounds, cultures, tribes, religious beliefs, and political views. With that being said we need to be careful to set a peaceful environment that's favorable to accommodate all our differences for our better success. 

  • Be polite with all the work you upload. Do not upload creations that are rude to a specific group of people, race or tribes, etc
  • Mature or Sexual Content Content that contains nudity or intended to be sexually gratifying is not allowed. This includes forming pornographic materials. The ‘Mature Content Warning’ feature should be used to identify mature themes and content, including topics of sexuality. However, please note that utilizing the ‘Mature Content Warning’ feature does not mean that nudity or explicit sexual content is allowed on the platform
  • Violent or Graphic Content We do not allow graphic depictions of gratuitous violence, or content promoting violent acts. For example:
    • No brutal or graphic acts of violence
    • Tribalism,  Gender, Religious, racism, or discrimination, Homophobic slurs are strictly prohibited.

For everyone who visits our website to have a peaceful and respectful environment, these precautions have to be followed. We all deserve an equal ground, and there's no biasedness here. 


If you have any more questions or concerns that need to be addressed by our support team, feel free to get help at info@illuspark.com. or use the LiveChat on our website